Top 5 Best Fetal Dopplers

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Many pregnant women are thrilled with the idea of hearing their baby’s heartbeat. Many go to a doctor for this purpose but a lot many want to hear it in the comfort of their house.

Therefore, many fetal dopplers are there in the market that can help achieve this purpose in the home. But there is a downside to this. All these products are for nondiagnostic purposes only. The equipment at a doctor’s office is high-tech and is more sophisticated and accurate and is used for diagnostic and medical reasons.

Therefore, if someone needs to know the condition and medical condition of the fetus, they should consult a doctor.

The why are fetal dopplers used? Well, they serve the purpose of entertainment and bonding. Most of the times the pregnant woman and the family simply want to listen to the baby’s heartbeat for the excitement of it. Other times, family want the woman to listen to her baby’s beating heart so that she can bond with the baby. At times, parents also do so to record the sound of the heartbeat and play it to the baby after his birth. This way he listens to the same sound that he used to listen inside the mother’s womb and finds the environment familiar.

The fetal Doppler models that we have reviewed are not quite costly but they work pretty well. If you search the for the lowest cost monitor on your own, you will be disappointed because not all of them work quite well and you might also get alarmed if you do not hear the heartbeat because of the buggy device.

Use the fetal Doppler for excitement purposes instead of dependable health info and you will be satisfied.

Here are the top five great fetal dopplers.

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic - Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy's ears! The perfect pregnancy gift for a new mommy

If you are buying a Fetal Doppler for excitement and bonding, then Womb Music unit is a great choice. Through this, you can hear the heartbeat of the baby at the minimum of 8 weeks into pregnancy. But usually, 16 weeks or more are required for this function to be achieved.

All the Doppler units we have listed are non-invasive but they all need lubricating ultrasound gel’s application on the unit as it is done at the doctor office. This is so that the static gets attenuated and does not block the sound of the heartbeat. Just like all home Dopplers, with this unit, you should work some time before the heartbeat is detected. It might take a few minutes of slow movement on the belly surface to find the right region. The motion of the probe should be extremely smooth but the woman should bear down while searching for the heartbeat.

This monitor does not have a digital display and is for listening purposes only. High-quality devices with a digital readout come at a higher price.

The reason Womb Music tops our list is due to its versatility. It has a splitter and 2 sets of earbuds so that both the parents of the baby can listen to the heartbeat at the same time and bond with the baby. There is a connecting cable for a 3.55mm audio jack to a speaker, computer or any other device. The sound can be recorded to be replayed later and to be shared on Facebook. The unit also has volume control capability.

Womb Music has a gimmick and that is that with the unit, you get a digital file of lullaby tunes customized to the name of your baby but the gimmick is that the company only provides audio files and the monitor does not support the functionality of playing them. You should find out some other way to open and play them.

The Womb Music is approved by FDA, light-weight (2 ounce), water-resistant and has a 9V battery. It is a great device for a bit over $50 and its only drawback is that it does not have a speaker of its own.

SnuggBugg Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor. Don’t Wait To Meet Your Baby! Comes With Free Ultra-Sonic Listening Gel
Currently not

It is an amazing heartbeat monitor and is cheaper as compared to Womb Music with the same functionality. It works similar to the Womb Music; every kick or heartbeat is clearly audible and there is the extra record-the heartbeat on your device feature. Apply gel for better results, power it on and move it on the belly to hear the heartbeat.

This unit needs at least 14 weeks into pregnancy to hear the heartbeat, which means a longer waiting time as compared to Womb Music. Usually, the unit works for a 16-week old fetus.

The unit has 2 jacks and 2 earbuds so that both mother and father of the baby can listen to their little one’s heartbeat simultaneously.

It is a great gift for an anxious pregnant woman who is excited to listen to her baby’s heartbeat at the comfort of her home. She will love you for this amazing gift that adds to her love and bonding for her baby.

This unit weighs 2.2 ounces and is approved by FDA. But as with other Doppler units, this one also clearly states that it is not meant for diagnostic or medical purposes. Therefore, if any discrepancy occurs, you must approach your doctor instantly.


FIGERM Baby Heartbeat Monitor

FIGERM Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier for Home Use

It works like the Womb Music but is less sensitive and lack a few other features. Firstly, it does not have the second pair of earbuds. Although it has 2 audio output jacks, you will need to purchase a separate set of earbuds if the father or any other family member needs to listen to the heartbeat. Secondly, it takes a little longer i.e. 15 weeks to be able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Apply lubricating ultrasound gel to keep the static from attenuating the baby’s heartbeat. Move the monitor on the belly to find the heartbeat. There is an audio jack which can be connected to devices through a cable so that the sound can be recorded and shared on Facebook. There is a volume control on the unit too.

This unit weighs 2.4 ounces and is not as well-designed as the Womb Music. But as heavy-lifting is not done through such units, this device serves the purpose.


Summer Infant Heart to Heart Prenatal Listening System

Summer Infant Heart-to-Heart Digital Prenatal Listening System

It is a low-cost fetal Doppler with a lot of limitations. But the reason we have placed it in the top-5 list is that it provides the basic functionality at the price of mere $12.50.

This unit works similar to Womb Music and needs to be placed on the belly to sense the heartbeat of the baby. It has 2 headphone jacks, 2 pairs of earbuds and a cable to connect the unit to another device to record the audio. The unique accessory of this unit is a belt that allows you to keep the unit attached to your abdomen so that you can move around and hear your baby’s heartbeat. The reason this accessory is not quite useful is that the unit has low sound volume.

Now moving towards the downsides of the unit. Firstly, you will need a separate pair of high-quality earbuds, as the ones provided with the unit are of low-quality with too much static. Secondly, you need to lie still without moving in a quiet room because the unit’s low sound level will not allow you to listen to the heartbeat if there is external noise of movement. Finally, you have to wait till your trimester as this unit is not constructed in order to detect tiny sounds in the initial stages of fetus development.


Dixie EMS Fetal Stethoscope

Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope Latex Free 22'

It is not really a fetal Doppler. With the look and feel of a stethoscope, it is called a fetoscope and has a bonus of giving you a feeling of being a doctor or a nurse. It performs the job of fetal Doppler for $13 only.

It needs a little bit searching and a noiseless environment to detect the heartbeat. It has a clear sound volume but the heartbeat can be heard in the 3rd trimester or a little before that.

This fetoscope is well-constructed with chrome-plating, strong 22-inch latex-free tube and is easy to handle and use. It does not need lubricating gel application like other fetal Doppler units.

But those familiar to using the regular stethoscope claim that it requires some learning and getting used to use this fetal version. Therefore, patience is required. It is cheap, works fine and is fun.



What is a fetal Doppler?

It is a handheld ultrasound unit to hear a baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy.

Why should I use or buy a fetal Doppler?

In case you are a first mother, are conscious about you baby and a doctor lives far from your place, this device can help you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and get relieved about his well-being at the comfort of home.

Where can I find a fetal Doppler? Can I buy it at Walmart or at any other store?

Yes, you can buy them in-store or at Walmart. But make sure to go through valid reviews like on this site or on Amazon before making a purchase so that you do not get disappointed.

Should I buy a fetal Doppler?

It is a typical question asked by our readers. Fetal dopplers are neither a necessity nor a luxury. But they provide a convenient way to monitor a baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of home and therefore, we highly suggest them.

When should I use, or buy a fetal Doppler?

Most of the fetal Dopplers detect sound after 18 to 20 weeks. Therefore, it is best advised to use them during that time of pregnancy.

How regularly should I use a fetal Doppler?

The US health regulators have cleared fetal dopplers for ongoing use. Still, it is highly recommended to use only when needed and not to use it for 10+ minutes at a time. In case if you do not find the heartbeat, try again some other time.

How should I use my fetal Doppler?

The best method to use is to lie on your back, expose your abdomen and bear down. Apply lubricating gel on the belly to avoid static, place the unit on the midline of the abdomen and move downwards.

Why should I use Ultrasound Gel?

Ultrasound gel must be used to get optimal results. It is lubricating and is particularly formulated to attenuate static that hinders the heartbeat so that the sound can be heard clearly. Do not use lotions or coloured gels as its substitute as they will damage the fetal Doppler and cause static.

How do I know that I am hearing the baby’s heartbeat?

The best way to distinguish between your and your baby’s heartbeat is to calculate the heartbeat (BPM). Babies have a BPM range of 120-180 while that of adults is from 60-100.

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