The Top Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Cases

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Top case brands had been ready for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus all along and have launched their versatile cases, covers and wallet folios as soon as these phones were launched. These cases are supposed to enhance protection and style of the phone in different capacities. While cases from Samsung itself, Peel, Otterbox, Incipio, Speck etc. have been launched, Mophie’s battery case is on its way.

With all sorts of cases in the market, it is easy to find a case for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus… but to find the BEST case is a whole different story.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus cases that provide a variety of features ranging from clear to stylish and delicate to heavy-duty.

PEEL Super Thin Case


  1. This case is almost transparent and is for those who do not like cases. It comes in different colours but is transparent to the extent of invisibility.
  2. It is easy to install it on and off the phone.
  3. It is light weight and does not add unnecessary heft to the phone.


  1. Given its simple and low profile, at $25, this case is simply not cheap.
  2. It has a plain form and adds no specific function to the phone.

NOTE: Readers pointed us to the MNML cases over at Amazon that are similar (0.35mm thin) and about $10 cheaper. Could be worth a look.


Clear View Standing Cover

Samsung EF-ZG955CBEGUS  Clear View Standing Cover Flip Case for Galaxy S8+ with kickstand, Black


  1. This case doubles as a stand and makes it easy to watch movies and videos in the landscape mode.
  2. It is a translucent case that covers the whole phone and has a see-through window for the date, time, incoming calls and a few controls.


  1. The flip-cover is nondetachable and cannot be separated from the case.


Samsung LED View Cover

Genuine Samsung LED View Cover Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Violet EF-NG950PVEGWW


  1. This is an attractive case having LED lights that shine through the translucent case.
  2. It has special icons that provide limited control over the phone without opening the cover.


  1. It does not provide full phone control with the cover closed.


Samsung Silicone Cover

Samsung Galaxy S8 Protective Cover, Purple


  1. This is Samsung’s standard case and comes in bright, cool and eye-catching colours.
  2. It has a smooth silicone micro fibre interior that grips the phone and keeps it scratch-free.


  1. It has a rubber exterior which experiences friction while rubbing on surfaces and therefore, does not slide on surfaces and into pockets easily.


Samsung Alcantara Cover

Galaxy S8 Genuine Samsung Alcantara Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Dark Gray (EF-XG950ASEGWW)


  1. This luxurious case is made of soft and sumptuous Alcantara material and has a suede-like hand-feel.
  2. It covers the entire phone from the back and has a slightly protruding lip which keeps the screen scratch-resistant.


  1. It wears out easily with continuous use.


Samsung 2Piece Cover

Galaxy S8 Active Case, 2-Piece Style Hybrid Shockproof Protective Phone Cover + Circlemalls Stylus Pen For Samsung Galaxy S8 Active(Black)


  1. This case has a unique geometric design consisting of two suction pads for the top and bottom part of the phone.
  2. Its comes in cool colour pairs of the top and bottom suction pads.


  1. It has a contradictory style as compared to the sleek and symmetrical phone design.
  2. It provides no protection to the middle part of the phone which, therefore, remains vulnerable.


Samsung Clear Cover

Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear Protective Cover, Black


  1. This case too is for those who do not like cases. It is 0.8mm thin and clear as crystal.
  2. It does not tamper with the phone’s original colour and sleek design.
  3. It provides basic phone protection.


Samsung Keyboard Cover

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover , Black


  1. This case has a tactile QWERTY keyboard without the requirement of extra connectors.
  2. The screen interface automatically adjusts with the keyboard.


  1. This case is like using the keypad of an old Blackberry phone while coping with the evolving, modern Samsung family.


Otterbox Defender and Commuter Covers

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  • Pros:
  1. These are heavy duty cases and provide protection against rough drops, bumps and dust due to their durable and rugged design. They have a polycarbonate exterior and a synthetic rubber interior.
  2. They have a minimal profile.


  1. They are hefty and add weight to the already large phone.


Otterbox Symmetry and Strada Covers

OtterBox STRADA SERIES for Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Retail Packaging - ONYX (BLACK/BLACK LEATHER)


  1. These are fashionable cases that come in a variety of flaunting styles. The Starda cases have card-slot and screen cover too.
  2. They are light-weight and easy to install.


  1. They are for basic protection


Incipio Covers

Incipio DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Black/Black


  1. Incipio has launched 20+ cases each for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. A few of its various styles are:
    • Carnaby: They extraordinary style with soft fabric back
    • Stowaway: They have card-carrying pockets
    • Haven: They have suspension padded interior that provides 6-ft drop protection
  2. A few of the glitter cases are stylish, provide basis protection with colourful glittery fun.


Caseology Covers

Galaxy S8 Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Slim Dual Layer Protective Textured Geometric Cover Corner Cushion Design for Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017) - Burgundy


  1. They are slim cases and do not add weight to the already large phone.
  2. The cases are either plain carbonate or have minimalist texture design.
  3. They are hardcore covers providing great impact resistance.


Speck Covers

Speck Products CandyShell Grip Cell Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Nickel Grey/Warning Orange


  1. This case has a thin and slim Its two styles are:
    • Presidio: They are ultra-slim with basic drop protection
    • Presidio Grip: They provide superior grip protection and are ready for rough drop and tumble action


Casemate Covers

Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S8 Case  - Waterfall Series - Sparkle Glitter Fashion Case - Iridescent Diamond - Military Drop Protection


  1. This case has enchanting fashion-forward styles. Its two styles are:
    • Waterfall covers: They have cascading glitter and tumbling sparkle to make the phone stand out
    • Karat covers: They have static metallic accents in the clear case


  1. They are too glittery and are not meant for everyone.


LifeProof Covers

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 (ONLY) - Retail Packaging - ASPHALT (BLACK/DARK GREY)


  1. They provide serious heavy duty protection for accidents. It meets army grade standards.
  2. They are
  3. They have snow-proof and drop-proof capabilities too.


  1. They are for military drop protection and are not showy.


Tech21 Covers

Tech21 Evo Check Case for Galaxy S8 - Smokey/Black


  1. They are clear and inexpensive.
  2. They are made of an impact-absorbing material that defends phone against accidents.
  3. The Wallet Folio has a trap door for carrying a few cards.

These are the cases which can be seen in the market with the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Mophie has announced a battery case for Samsung phone as well. Surely, there will be more in the coming days and we will keep you updated about the too.

All prices are last updated on 2017-11-19 / Product images credit:

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