The Best iPod Docks

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If you want to play background music from your iPod at parties, home or any social gathering, an iPod speaker dock is the way to go. iPod speaker docks also have the added benefit of charging and storing your iPod whenever you are not using it. Most of the docks available are compatible with iPods and iPhones with 30-pin connections. But there are some of them compatible with newer iPods and devices.

The Best iPod Dock for Sound Quality

Of course, when listening to music on your own, a headphone is perfect for you. But if you want to play sounds in a place with a group of people, you need something that can amplify sound greatly and fill up a room. The iPod dock units with larger speakers will generally produce the best sound with higher volumes.

After reviewing various products, the Altec Lansing iPod dock had the best sound quality of all. The dock has larger speaker sets than almost all the other docks. The Altec Lansing iPod dock stops sound distortion and interference from other electronics close to it. The dock comes with speaker pairs about 4-inches in size.

The Altec Lansing iPod docks come with FM/AM radio tuners and auxiliary ports so you can enjoy music from different sources. Altec Lansing was the first company to make docks for the iPod so it is no wonder that they can make something as good as this. The dock plays music perfectly the way it should be played without any muffled sound or distorted audio. It is loud and clear.

The Best iPod Dock for Lockers and Backpacks

One benefit of iPod docks is their portable size. They are much smaller than stereo sets and they are also cheaper than stereo sets. When going backpacking, you need something portable. The JBL On Stage Micro III fits that bill. It is the perfect iPod dock for lockers and backpacks. With a height of 2 inches, a diameter of 6 inches and a weight of less than 1 pound, it can fit into any gym bag and backpack.

JBL On Stage Micro III Portable Loudspeaker for iPod and iPhone (Black)
  • Dynamic JBL Weave design
  • Charges your iPod or iPhone
  • AC or battery operated (batteries not included)
  • Dual JBL Odyssey transducers with computer-optimized equalization
  • IR remote control navigates iPod menus from 15 ft (4.6m) away

The JBL On Stage Micro III has a round shape with a 360⁰ array of speakers that play music in all directions. The shape is quite abnormal and it resembles a funny looking hovercraft. It comes with a remote and it is battery and AC powered. It synchronizes with iTunes via the USB port. The sound is great and it has a good 12-hour battery life and a one of a kind USB interface.

The Best iPod Dock for Battery Life

If you are going to be in locations without a source of power, you need an iPod dock with a great battery life. The Logitech S3151i fits the bill. It comes with its own rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. With the Logitech S3151i, you do not need to buy supply batteries regularly or buy your own rechargeable battery. These batteries start charging immediately you plug in the dock.

The Logitech S3151i is also portable as it weighs less than 2 pounds. You can stand the dock upright with its fold-out stand. It comes with a 3.5mm jack that allows you to connect any smartphone. The Lithium batteries deliver 20 hours of playtime on a single charge making it the best iPod dock for battery life.

All these docks work well with Apple gadgets. There are some docks that come with external adapters or USB ports, auxiliary jacks and other ways by which you can connect MP3 players and other smartphones. All the docks on this list charge the iPod when the dock is plugged in. None of the docks required any form of installation. iPhones and iPods with the lightning conductor and Bluetooth devices will be compatible with other speakers.

Not every dock will have all the features you want. But all of them come with a general range of features. The best docks come with remote controls, multiple inputs and outputs, radio and they are portable.

Before buying an iPod dock, ensure you go for one that contains all the features you want in a dock. There are various types so take your time before eventually choosing one.


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