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If you have valuables or items that are irreplaceable, there are a couple of ways you can store them. One is to keep them in a safe deposit box in the bank, for which you will have to pay a fee for (usually annual), or invest in a safe that you can keep at home. For the amount you pay for the deposit box at the bank, you could probably spend the same amount to have the safe in the house with you where you can get instant access to whatever is in it when you want to.

You could add important things or documents to the safe as and when you need to without having to make a trip to the bank. This helps you avoid any unnecessary losses in the event of a burglary or fire.

Types of home safes

How to chose to right home safe?

There are different kinds of safes designed for storing different things — documents, jewellery, handguns/rifles. So choosing the right kind of safe for your own needs really depends on what items you have in mind to go into it.

Small, fingerprint access safe for concealed location

If you have lots of valuables to keep at home, a burglary or break in is a constant underlying worry. It will certainly help alleviate this worry if you have your items in a solid safe, even more so if it is hidden from plain sight.

The Barska AX11620 Compact Biometric Safe‘s small dimensions is perfect for wall installations, allowing you to store this in a place that only you can reach (and know about). You’ll be using a fingerprint access to get into this safe which will take just about 2 seconds. You’ll need to make sure your fingers aren’t wet or dirty, but the efficient fingerprint access allows for much faster access compared to a keypad and far quicker than a dial.

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
Barska Compact Biometric Security Safe, $126.00,

Barska’s AX11620 Compact Biometric Safe is great for storing important documents, jewellery, handgun, cash etc in a concealed location. The door thickness is sufficiently thick, but not the thickest you can find and probably won’t keep out someone extremely skilled at getting into safes.

Fireproof safe

If a fire ever breaks out in your house, the First Alert 2087F-BD safe keeps your valuable safe contents cool at about 350 F, but for not much longer than 60 minutes. It will withstand up to 1,700 F, but be quick to sort out of fire within the hour if you’d still like to retrieve the contents of the safe.

First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet
First Alert, $99.88,

How important is it for your safe to be fireproof? In 2016, the National Fire Protection Association recorded 365,500 house fires in USA, doing a whopping $7 billion in damages. The little investment in a durable, fireproof safe like the First Alert is definitely worth it to save your the heartache of losing irreplaceable items.

Great for Jewelry

The SentrySafe Security Safe X055 is a compact safe (0.5 cubic meters) for your valuable jewellery. This safe doesn’t take up too much space and is carpeted to make sure your precious jewels aren’t scratched in any way. Perfect for hiding in a cabinet or closet.

SentrySafe Security Safe, Medium Digital Lock Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, X055
SentrySafe X055, $52.80,

This affordable safe from a brand that has been around for 79 years does a good job at protecting your valuables but probably would not withstand a skilled burglar intent on getting in. It will certainly deter an amateur and slow down a pro though.

Quick access to your handgun

There is a sole reason for keeping a handgun in the home, that it is for protection. A handgun is deadly and could be fatal if it falls into the hands of children. A report on USA Today writes that one child dies every other day from accidental gun discharge.

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe
GunVault SV500 SpeedVault, $89.97,

The GunVault isn’t for preventing someone from smashing the vault of the wall or nightstand and walking away with your gun, but it is to prevent young children getting their hands on this deadly weapon. The slim, obscure vault can be mounted by your bedside for quick access to your loaded handgun by punching in a code. If you’re thinking a code access would be a hindrance, think this — if you’re not awake enough to punch in the code accurately, you probably shouldn’t be handling a gun.

Storing many long guns

If you have around than 10 shotguns or rifles you need to store safely, the Steelwater Heavy Duty SW59281 Safe is perfect for your need. This solid, fireproof safe is constructed with a 4 ¾” door and is drill and ballistic resistant. Having invested in all these guns, you’ll want to make sure they stay moisture-free as well which is what the free humidifier that comes with the safe will do.

NEW and IMPROVED Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK
Steelwater Heavy Duty, $779.00,

Factors to consider when choosing a home safe

There are a few factors to weigh when you are in the process of choosing the right kind of home safe –not only to make sure your money is well spent, but so that the safe gives you the right kind of protection for whatever items you want to safeguard.

In this guide we feature safes that are affordable all the way up to the really expensive ones, from portable ones to large, bolted to the wall types.

What makes a good home safe?There are varying features you can find with the safes listed here. Some safes are fireproof for the protection of very important documents and easily perishable items. Some safes are easier to get into for quick access, while other have as many as four locking mechanisms to ensure ultimate security — ranging from basic key entry, keypad entry, dial access, and fingerprint access.

Speaking of protecting documents, you might want to look into getting a secure mailbox approved by the U.S. Postal Service to protect your important letters from mail theft. The Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox is rather expensive at just over $100, but the cost of identity theft could be much worse.

Different Qualities of Safes

It’s important to get a safe that can do the job of preventing your precious items from falling into the wrong hands, but we understand that budget constraint is a factor for many people when buying a safe. As with many things, the more expensive a safe is, the stronger and safer it is because of the material and workmanship that goes into it. However, for most of us, having a reasonably strong safe is more than enough to deter common criminals (or the relative with evil intent).

A huge, 700-pound safe might seem like it will give your precious belongings the ultimate protection, but a big safe like this comes with shipping requirements such as a driveway able to receive a full-size tractor trailer. It will almost be a nightmare to relocate if you move around a lot — in which case a more portable, smaller-sized safe will be more suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the myriad of factors to consider when choosing which home safe to buy, we urge you to pay careful attention to each factor that is important to you. Consider the long-term benefit when making your final decision. Don’t skim on the price to skip the fireproof protection if the documents in the safe are of utmost importance and will impact your family if destroyed.

Let’s check out today’s bestselling home safes on Amazon.

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