Our Top Ten Picks of the Best Microphones for Recording Vocals

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Got a new guitar and now want to pair it with a microphone to record your jamming sessions? Great idea! You have come across the right article to know about what’s hot and what’s not so hot right now in the world of microphones.

But, wait!

First we shall discuss about the importance of a microphone and what kinds of microphone can be used to record vocals. Only then we will proceed to unleash our current favorite list of the top ten microphones for recording vocals!

What Is a Microphone?

A microphone is a device which can be used to amplify and record your voice.

Which Microphone Can Be Used to Record Vocals?

A condenser as well as a dynamic microphone can be used to record vocals. However, each of these two microphones produce varying results.

A dynamic mic can be used to record sounds with large amplitudes, such as those emitted from a drum or similar instrument. While the Condenser mic allows to capture sound details but only with limited sound pressures i.e. it can only work with low amplitude sounds like vocals.

The microphone that you are after is a condenser microphone which is deemed perfect to record vocals.

What are My Options for Microphones?

We have crafted a complete list of top ten microphones for recording vocals, and it will assist you in selecting the best microphone that targets and fulfills your vocal recording requirements.

  1. Rode NTK:

Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone
Rode NTK, $529.00, Amazon.com

The best on the list! This Rode NTK microphone is a bit steep on the pocket but the sound quality it delivers is worth the investment, which is why it gets a big thumbs up from us!

  1. Neumann TLM-102:

Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone, Cardioid
Neumann TLM-102, $699.95, Amazon.com

This beauty right here is the cream de la cream of microphones! It delivers the highest sound quality without polluting the original sound and can even be used to record high amplitude sounds such as your drumming sessions in the studio!

  1. Shure SM57:

Shure SM-57 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone
Shure SM57, $89.00, Amazon.com

We are a 100% sure about this Shure SM57 microphone! The microphone is quite affordable with a price tag of just $100 and does a decent job of recording and delivering good sonic quality.

  1. Rode NT3:

Rode NT3
Rode NT3, $269.00, Amazon.com

Rode once again! The company has produced this low budget microphone that is quite competent at doing its job, which is why it constitutes our list of top ten microphones for recording vocals! Record your jamming sessions with this little buddy and experience sound quality like never before!

  1. Shure SM-27-SC:

Shure SM-27-SC Multi-Purpose Condenser Microphone
Shure SM-27-SC, $299.00, Amazon.com

Shure is one of the best microphone making companies out there. This condenser microphone promises to deliver clear and high quality sound.

  1. Behringer C1:

Behringer C1, $49.99, Amazon.com

Another budget microphone that delivers well in sound quality without compromising on the price tag. The Behringer C1 is mostly recommended for amateurs as it is cheap and does ensure decent results.

  1. Rode Classic II:

RODE Classic II Multi Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone
Rode Classic II, $2,499.99, Amazon.com

Rode once again makes the list! You can tell a lot about a company product if most of them land on the top ten microphones for recording vocals list! If you plan on going big with your investment, then we suggest the Rode Classic II for you. This is the most expensive microphone on the list and the most terrific one as well!

The clarity that this beauty provides, will make you forget about the $1000 you spent on it!

  1. Audio Technica AT2035:

Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle with Shock Mount, Pop Filter, and XLR Cable
Audio Technica AT2035, $149.00, Amazon.com

With a metal exterior and a condenser diaphragm, this audio Technica product puts high end microphones to shame. Not just the exterior quality, but the sound quality that it conveys has made it a permanent favorite of ours!

  1. Sennheiser MD421 II:

Sennheiser MD 421 II Cardioid Dynamic Mic
Sennheiser MD421 II, $379.95, Amazon.com

The Sennheiser MD 421 II has been used by music legend like Cobain himself! This is not the only reason why we have included it in our list of top ten microphones for recording vocals. Even though it has a dynamic diaphragm, the microphone does an outstanding job at recording not just vocals, but loud sounds.

  1. SE Electronics SE2200 a II C:

SE Electronics SE2200a II Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
SE Electronics SE2200 II, Currently not available, Amazon.com

With a model number that long, you would expect it to be a worthless microphone. But its not! This microphone has been included in our top ten microphones for recording vocals list on the recommended of studio professionals who have recorded whole albums on this single microphone! Use it for recording only vocals and no loud instruments, and you will be good to go!

All prices are last updated on 2017-12-14 / Product images credit: Amazon.com

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