7 Tips on How to Find Great Writers on Fiverr

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As an owner of a few niche blog sites, Fiverr is a go-to site for me to get my article writing tasks done. Try as I might to write on my own, it takes me a very long time to churn out a good article. I very much rather pay for someone who can write much quicker and much better than I can, and one of my favorite places to find folks that can help me do this is on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a marketplace where people offer their services in writing, designing, marketing, SEO, voice overs, and so much more. These days, almost anything you can think of, you can find someone offering the service on Fiverr.

Sellers offer their services in the form of gigs. The lowest priced gig is five dollars (hence the name), and usually goes up in multiples of $5 as well. You could buy a few of the basic 5 dollar gig, or buy a higher-priced gig from the same seller for a more premium service in terms of quality, or quantity.

Fiverr has gained so much popularity over the years that it is now filled with mediocre talents, with the true gems sprinkled few and far between.

Here, I’d like to share with you some tips from my experience on hiring article writers on Fiverr. It’s not always that you’ll find gigs of great value, but by following these steps, you will greatly improve your chances.

1) Read their most important portfolio — Their Bio

There is so much you can tell by what is written in the gig seller’s bio and gig description.

Grammar and Spelling. If there are any spelling errors or grammar mistakes in their profile, would you still want to buy a writing this from this seller? Skip this one, no matter how many thousands of words they offer to write for $5. You’ll end up with more work to do on your end trying to correct the errors.

Beware of the over-excited seller. 

In my opinion, a good gig seller writes honestly, and sets expectations upfront. He/she will let you know what he/she isn’t willing to write about, or let you know that a certain amount of articles requested to be done in 2 days is not acceptable.

Here is one of the gigs I’ve used:

You’ll need to do a bit of hunting to find a good, real person writer like this, but they do exist somewhere in the murky waters of Fiverr. I’ve not giving the gig’s name because everyone else on Fiverr (perhaps newcomers) deserve a fair chance for you to look at as well. They might be incredible writers, just don’t have high ratings and hundreds of praising reviews yet.

2) Are they using a stock image as their profile photo?

I tend to trust a gig seller that seems to be using a real photo of themselves in their bio, rather than one that is obviously a stock photo taken from the Internet. If there isn’t a photo of a real person, chances are the writer isn’t a native speaker. That isn’t to say you can’t find a non-native to write just as well as a native can, but just because they are trying to hide the fact by using a Caucasian looking profile pic creates trust issues for me. Very often, I realize these gigs are run by a team of mediocre writers whose objective is to get as many customers as possible. I have never gone back to them for a second gig because the writing quality is usually poor.

3) Watch out for duplicate gigs/usernames

Click on their username and view at what other gigs they are offering. If you see a bunch of similar gigs (i.e. offering article writing service for a varying number of words), or slightly different gig title. This shows that they are trying to cast a wider net to catch more unsuspecting customers. It’s very likely your task will be written by someone part of a large writing team, and you can never be sure of the quality of writing you’ll get.

Sometimes you’ll see similar bio descriptions in writing gigs under different usernames that seem to indicate they are the same person. You’ll want to avoid these as well.

Hint: Watch out for usernames with numbers in them i.e. creativewriter_1, seoarticle3, blogwriter_4 (these are made up names, any resemblance to real usernames are coincidental). These is one of the signs that they have duplicate accounts on Fiverr.

4) Read Reviews & Responses

One of the most important part of your due diligence is reading the testimonials of past customers. Scroll through as far back as you can and look for genuinely satisfied responses:

If you just see a bunch of ‘Outstanding Experience!’ responses and nobody took the time to write out more than 2 sentences of good words for this person, I’d skip it. I myself have been guilty of giving someone 5 stars and an ‘Outstanding Experience’ feedback just to be nice to someone who has really taken the time to research and write, but the language just isn’t great.

5) Post a Request

Here is a tip: Post a request with the details of the task you want done, the more detailed, the better.

You will start to receive offers, usually from content writing farms (teams of many mediocre writers), which you will be able to identify following the steps above. But you might also receive offers from newcomers to Fiverr looking to build up a customer base. It’s possible  you’ll get very good writers offering you a good price as they are just starting to get orders in and increase their ratings.

6) Contact the Gig Owner

If your article request is more specific, for example a particular niche that needs familiarity with its terminology, contact the writer by sending a message to ask if he/she is comfortable writing in that topic before buying the gig. For example, my articles were in the golf niche so I needed someone who was somewhat familiar in that topic, otherwise the final result would be nonsense.


7) Test the waters.

Once you’ve identified a few credible gigs, go ahead and place your first order with them.

Important: Never place a bulk order with someone new.

Only if you are satisfied with the results, do you go ahead and establishing a long-term professional relationship with the writer.

7) Leave good testimonials

If your writer is doing a great job for you, make sure you take the time to write a lengthy, positive review for him/her. Don’t be stingy to try to keep a good find to yourself, but do the writer a favor by leaving your positive review so that others like you can find him/her as well.

Bonus Tips

  • Have patience: If you want to save money, then be willing to spend a bit of time. Great finds are bound to have many customers in line before you. If you’re not in a rush, let the writer take his/her time to deliver your article to you. A bit of breathing space will yield in a better written article. Put pressure on the writer, you’ll get a rushed job that isn’t going to knock your socks off.
  • Give newcomers a try: If nobody buys from the newcomer, how can the newcomer get ratings and testimonials, that helps to bring in more customers? We all had to start somewhere, so give them a helping hand. You might just stumble across a gem of of a writer. (But of course, make sure the profile bio is written really well)

I hope these tips will help you navigate Fiverr safely and find the perfect writer for your project. I promise you, they’re in there somewhere.

Get started on Fiverr.

What is your experience on Fiverr, any of your own tips to share?

Maya Leighton


Maya Leighton

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