Best Impersonators You Can Hire on Fiverr

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There might be a time when you need the services of an impersonator, be it for a fun project at work, a prank for a friend or perhaps a funny video at a wedding.

Fiverr, an online marketplace of people offering to do all sorts of services for as low as $5, and is just the place to find such people. You won’t be able to hire these folks to actually do an appearance at your event, but they’ll use their amazing voice talents to make the people you want to prank think they’ve got the real deal calling them on the phone!

Here are some of the best impersonators I’ve found on Fiverr:

Donald Trump’s voice – So realistic, it’s freaky

Jerseyferretti is a comedian and an actor in NYC that has a repertoire of celebrities that he can very successfully pull off.

His bestselling gig is the voice of Donald Trump. His price starts from $20 and he’ll actually call someone on the phone to speak to whoever you want to prank pretending to be Donald Trump. He’ll leave a message if no one answers.

He doesn’t charge per word, but instead asks to see your script to give you a personalized quote.

Among other notable celebrities jerseyferretti can do is Barack Obama, Tony Soprano from the Godfather, and Elvis Presley. He’s got real prank call voice recording samples for you to listen to.

Barack Obama’s Lip Sync

Celebimpression does a very good job as Barack Obama’s voice, and also offers to lip sync your message in President Obama’s voice to your video. You can check out a sample of this voice on his profile page. Although I would have hoped the voice is a tad bit deeper, which would be it sound even more like Obama’s real voice. But the way he speaks — cadence, pauses, even down to the ‘ums’, sounds exactly like the real thing.


Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta

Danjovanovic is someone who obviously enjoy his work that shines through in the resulting voice recording. He does a myriad of voices from Donald Trump, to Kermit. I especially like the one with Gollum from Lord of the Rings — it sounds like the ACTUAL voice used in the movie.

The real person celebrities impersonations are not all 100% on point, I feel, with the voice pitch of Tony Soprano and Donald Trump is a little bit higher than I would like, but you’ll see tons of excited testimonials from customers about Dan’s enthusiasm in his recordings.


Award-Winning Voice Actor

Steve VZ is an comedian/voice actor who has an amazing range different voices in his repertoire. Priced higher than the other impersonation gigs at $1 per word for commercial use, you will be able to use this for radio commercials, TV commercials, websites, etc.

Here are some of the iconic celebrities Steve VZ can accurately produce for you:

  • Movie stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson
  • TV Stars: Christopher Lloyd, William Shatner
  • U.S. Presidents JFK to Obama to Donald Trump
  • Media Celebrities: Andy Rooney, Sylvester Stallone
  • Sports Figures: Dick Vitale, Hulk Hogan
  • Cartoons: Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson
  • Singers: Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Dean Martin


True Italian Mafia accent, by a real Italian

Whatever reason you might need an Italian mafia accent for, this guy here is the real deal. Authentic, 100% Italian. Comes at a very good price too — $10 for 5 minute script.


Affordable Professional Voice Actor

I could have sworn Voiceactorguy‘s voice samples were done by different people. He has the ability to young a man’s voice, and flip over to and old British man. Definitely one of the most professional voice actor on Fiverr and a must to check out above all others. His voice is super clear and perfect for a commercial, or narrating an audiobook.

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